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Dryrot/Termite Damage


Dryrot is the result of fungus eating away at wood. Fungal spores are everywhere. It's impossible to avoid. When they come in contact with wood and moisture under the right temperature, you'll have a fungus eating wood problem on your hands. This can go on until the wood is literally rotted away. This usually happens to, but not limited to eaves, (roof boards, fascia boards, rafters), siding, decks, wood members in the substructure, awnings, posts, fencing, gates, doors, door frames, windows, window frames, stair cases, corbals, garage doors, garage door frames, hardwood floors and endless other possible areas throughout a structure. Usually rot needs to be replaced. In some cases, you cut out the infected area/s and repair the wood. Other times as long as the moisture source has been removed and the rotted wood has been cut or scraped out, you can reinforced wood members. Most importantly treat all wood associated with the rot is very important as to removing the moisture. We like to use borates to treat for fungus/rot issues. These types of WDO's can cause just as make damage as termites.

Termite Damage

Termite damage cost Americans billions of dollars a year. Mostly, because they are a silent destructive force living in your structure. And unfortunately a lot people that do know they have termites will often put them on the list of things to do, but not as a priority. So, time passes by and more and more damage is being done. Then a lot of people will end up moving properties will change hands and the next thing you is, the termites have lived at the property longer than anyone else. Before banks often required or encouraged borrowers or escrow companies to have a state licensed Termite company to perform a full inspection. FHA/VIA and HUD still do, but they now have limitations. Termites are an extremely serious problem to wooden structures especially here in California. That's why home insurance companies will not cover Termite damage. They will cover fire, wind, flood and for a premium even earthquakes here in California, but not Termite damage. The reason why is they don't want no part with a losing battle, they stay far away from the topic. Termite eat only wood, they eat 24 hours a day and even day of the year. Living in California your always are going to deals with termites, if you own a structure, but you can really minimize your loses by having routine inspections done once a year. Call Budget Termite Control to come out and see if you have a problem and how serious it is. Let us see what are your choices in solving the problem. No matter how small or large your project is.