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Real Estate Services

Realtors are a key aspect in having a termite inspection done for any escrow transaction. Especially when it comes to recommending or knowing the right company to come out and make sure there's nothing overlooked and everyone involved is treated fairly. When it comes to a realtor's respected reputation, it's important to have confidence in the company that will potentially be doing work for your clients.

Budget Termite Control has done thousands of escrow inspections over the years. We always keep in mind that buyers and sellers usually have different interests, but our goal is to do a professional inspection and treat everyone with respect. For our real estate customers, we can have reports emailed within 24 hours upon request. We will also provide video or photo documentation for a small fee. We work with extreme deadlines, tight budgets and other contraining conditions. We furnish same day clearances. Not all properties need to be fumigated to clear escrow. We do all wood repairs as needed. We cover all section 1 items and most section 2.

Make the right choice and call Budget Termite Control" The Termite Specialists" for your next escrow Termite inspection.


  • Section 1: Areas that have active infestation/a and/or infections.
  • Section 2: Areas that have conditions that will or might lead into an infestation/a and/or infections.

Property Management Companies /HOA

We have done business with property management companies and home owners associations. We once did a termite treatment on over 600 units for one of our property management companie's bigger project. We often will do one or two units. Sometimes the whole building. Working with tenants and on site managers to coordinate conflicting schedules. Using fumigation as a last resort, so there's *No Overnight Move Outs*. When it come to HOA's we do small 2-4 unit buildings to larger ones that have numerous board members. We're always happy to come and speak at any board meeting. Once the initial job is done most HOA's will often choose to go on yearly control service afterwards. No matter how small or big your building you manage or own, call Budget Termite Control to keep it safe from termites.